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Memoirs of a Woman Going Without

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I went to bed last night a little bothered and a well content on how my week went.This week i was able to take some significant small steps towards some of my many plans.But you know after the feeling of satisfaction wears away, you start to remember the other things that needs to be done.

And as thursday night drew to an end, whilst waiting to drift away in sleep, i could not help but focus on the areas that are not going so well for me at the moment.

And then i just noticed have stopped some things due to concentrating on making some of my goals work. Anyways i was able to tell myself, i would live life and not wait for the proverbial perfect timings to get some things moving along.

So when i woke this morning, i decided to wear my expensive sweater, spot my favourite colour of lip gloss. I felt good, renewed!! After church, i usually head back home but this time around i decided to hang back around and chat with a few church members, who urged me to come out to the park with them.

Since am living a spontaneous life these days, i decided to go to the park with them.

The weather was good, lovely company and it felt great to lie on the grass and just gaze into the clear Dubai skies and just soak in the beauty of the day.It was uplifting and reminded me that life is indeed beautiful and full of promises, if only i could stop focusing on what is not working at the moment. And choose to enjoy life and celebrate the little success.

Long story short, i spent the whole day amongst loving people. I was all smiles and happy. How blessed am I?

So my resolution is this: From this day onward, i will maintain the not waiting for perfect time and be more spontaneous. Am so keeping this positive attitude up.

I feel great …….. it’s a good friday.