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Cocktail dress by Christain Dior

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Cocktail dress by Christain Dior

Am of the opinion, the right dress will get you places.

As proven by Christian Dior.


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Just Do it……Like Nike

“Live your life because when you get old you will regret the things you didn’t do”. We have all heard this popular statement said to us, or applied in a life situation.

So am going to base the next two paragraphs on this. Atimes, life doesn’t even wait for you to get old, sometimes you start to regret things you didn’t do almost immediately.

But even then, the most concrete of plans may fail. Entering doors of supposed “opportunities” may turn out to be bad decisions.

Supposed bad decisions could turn out to be great success stories.

Moral of the lesson, live life one day at a time, accept opportunities, mistakes, failures and success as checkpoints through the journey of life.

 Life has its way of teaching us lessons. I see life as big stage, we are all actors, acting our roles, as directed by a supreme power.

So I will say, live your life, in most fulfilling way you can imagine. Lose the fear of failure and board the flight of “acting out your plans”. Enjoy the journey and take notes.

Go see the world, start that business, tell that person you love him/her.

You won’t be here forever so make the most of this one shot you have at life.

It’s only one life you have, same life as Nelson Mandela, Einstein had.

Choose your life motto. Some believe in YOLO, some say Hakuna Matata, whichever works for you, just make sure, you are fulfilling dreams.

At the end of the day, this gift of life will be taken from you and history will tell the story of your life.

How do you want your story to be told?