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Memoirs of a Woman Going Without

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I went to bed last night a little bothered and a well content on how my week went.This week i was able to take some significant small steps towards some of my many plans.But you know after the feeling of satisfaction wears away, you start to remember the other things that needs to be done.

And as thursday night drew to an end, whilst waiting to drift away in sleep, i could not help but focus on the areas that are not going so well for me at the moment.

And then i just noticed have stopped some things due to concentrating on making some of my goals work. Anyways i was able to tell myself, i would live life and not wait for the proverbial perfect timings to get some things moving along.

So when i woke this morning, i decided to wear my expensive sweater, spot my favourite colour of lip gloss. I felt good, renewed!! After church, i usually head back home but this time around i decided to hang back around and chat with a few church members, who urged me to come out to the park with them.

Since am living a spontaneous life these days, i decided to go to the park with them.

The weather was good, lovely company and it felt great to lie on the grass and just gaze into the clear Dubai skies and just soak in the beauty of the day.It was uplifting and reminded me that life is indeed beautiful and full of promises, if only i could stop focusing on what is not working at the moment. And choose to enjoy life and celebrate the little success.

Long story short, i spent the whole day amongst loving people. I was all smiles and happy. How blessed am I?

So my resolution is this: From this day onward, i will maintain the not waiting for perfect time and be more spontaneous. Am so keeping this positive attitude up.

I feel great …….. it’s a good friday.


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From A Friend

We smile not because we have it all.
We laugh hard because we know the future is bright.
We don’t always win. We learn sometimes.
And this is what keeps us going.
Because we know we are diamonds, just in coal form for now.
Am Owoade…….

12799350_10207669270842706_4580480068283341765_n( Image credit to my friend Claire, who said the girl reminds her of me, am flattered )


The Winning Attitude

  • Recognizing your mistakes and learning from them. Welcome to the school of life.
  • Knowing either ways, you are a winner.
  • Preparing yourself for the greater days ahead.
  • Knowing you own this.
  • Facing each day with renewed strength.
  • Knowing delay definitely, is not denial.
  • Knowing good things come to those who wait, and of course work towards it.
  • Is stepping out of your boundaries and taking on those risks, (anything can happen through this journey, i hope you are prepared).
  • Staying focused.
  • Being result oriented.
  • Staying positive
  • Keeping that smile, no matter what.

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Been a while i blogged my thoughts.

I guess life caught up with me.

Each day i get on my keyboard and just can’t seem to piece my writings together.

Perhaps because i delved into new ventures and now have to think on ways to establish them.

Or maybe i just went into the seasonal dry period.

So here i am on my keyboard, back to writing even if it’s about why have not been writing.

Hoping to be inspired from hereon

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The Strong Woman

Most likely the first thought that will cross your mind, when you see this topic is “there goes another feminist heading”. Lol, well after changing the headlines three times, i decided to leave it as the strong woman so it says what my ramblings are about straight away.

No doubt, we are known as the weaker sex, as a matter of fact i don’t contest that statement.

Yes we are quick to give away emotions, we get things done by crying, throwing tantrums and a times even standing standing our grounds on issues others perceive as senseless.

Whichever way you choose to express the word ‘WOMAN’. One thing cannot be tossed away, we are very important to the very essence of life.

So in my own words, i will go ahead to described the strong woman as:

A woman who knows what she wants. She whines a times, (i know i do). She cries, she has made mistakes and has learnt from her mistakes.

A strong woman is one who,life has thrown her, its jabs.

She has faced situations bold faced.

She takes every situation, as a lesson learnt.

She is focused on the future, she has envisaged for herself.

She is the woman, men pray for, to have as wives.

She is the woman the bible described in Proverbs 31

She is the foundation maker of every individual on earth

She is the STRONG WOMAN!!

Salute to these women.

May we be known as one.

May we befriend them.

May we raise them

To the Strong Woman!!!

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Empress Owoade Accessories

So i launched my self named brand Empress Owoade Accessories on my birthday last month.

After evaluating so many things, and deciding in what direction i want my life to go.

And in pursuit of doing things that makes me happy and puts a smile on other people’s face.

Everyone i shared this idea with, all agreed with me on this, funny enough.

So here i am, commercializing my passion for accessorizing.

My brand will launch in Dubai,in the first week of September. The exact dates will be announced later.

Empress Owoade’s line will feature luxury shoes and jewelry, all handmade in Italy.

And something else, i will reveal later.

My business profile link on Instagram is:

I look forward to motivating people by my words, speech and now accessories.

Follow my Instagram profile, for updates on this brand.

I count on your support for making this an outstanding reality.