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What Have You Learnt?

What did you learn? A question we have all had to give our teachers and parents answers to. We give answers on what we have learned when we go through difficult times. Either we present it as an advice or lessons learned.

I will just jump right into this.

What did you learn passing through that phase? We’ve all had hard times. Where we had to be tested. I know have had my own fair share of these times. Good thing is, we have a lot of quotes written by people who have passed through similar unpleasant circumstances to get us through these dark periods. They all bear the same message.

“Hang in there”. “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do”.

These quotes give you assurance that someday, your problems will go away. And truly either you get lucky or seize an opportunity or circumstances change for you. Your problems are gone. You have validated these quotes.

However I have a question. A question directed at you and me the writer. What did you learn from the whole experience?

It’s a humble position to be in – where you can’t help yourself from sinking. But as you descend down your way to rock bottom, what lessons did you pick on the way down?

I ask this because when you hit the ground, the human survival instinct in you will want to climb out of the hole you find yourself in. And those lessons you learnt on the way down will lay the foundation for your building up again.

Have seen so many people repeat same mistakes they made in the past.

Have seen so many people end up in the same situation they clawed out from.

Which leaves me wondering, did the last situation not teach them anything?

Oftentimes as humans we tend to blame other people, the economy, our ex-boss, unsupportive family, bad luck and so on for our misfortunes.

We tend to omit the most important player in the situation which is YOU! YOURSELF! ME!

Remember the popular sayings “life is a school” you are responsible for your outcome? Let’s look at the two closely.

‘Life’ is programmed to teach ‘You’ what you can’t learn ordinarily.

You may be wondering what is she trying to get at? You may have lost your job house or health. All through no fault of my own. Am sorry to hear this, but in life bad things does happen to good people. Things will spiral out of control. At this point you can’t do anything to save yourself.

But you can do something – take notes.

Notes that will cement your victory ground. Take notes so that when the good days come, you can be prepared like a true champ should.

Are you in a difficult situation? Or have been in one? Is it causing you make some life changing adjustments?

Are you more patient and less critical these days? Do you keep your temper in check these days? Do you invest more in your relationships these days? If you answered yes to any of these questions am happy for you.

You are on a journey of self-discovery. You realize you actually have the capacity to be extra patient, careful and more open to other people’s views.

I tell you in most cases it’s this personal extra qualities you have developed during these tough times, the world sees in you and wants to buy into your brand again.

Dear friend let this tough period bring out the best in you. Don’t just work towards things getting better and going back to your old self.

Let it teach you Forgiveness, Perseverance, Humility, Patience, Love,Friendship,Gratitude, Self-Respect, Good Sense of Judgment and many more. You will need all these amongst so many other qualities to sustain your new found success.

So stop dwelling about how hopeless your situation is. Fact is – No condition is permanent.

You will walk out of that situation, but ensure that you emerge a better person.

So whenever you find yourself ‘helpless’. Instead of focusing on the situation.

Grab a notepad because life is about to coach you.

And believe me, life will come back someday with a similar situation basically to ask you – WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT?


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From A Friend

We smile not because we have it all.
We laugh hard because we know the future is bright.
We don’t always win. We learn sometimes.
And this is what keeps us going.
Because we know we are diamonds, just in coal form for now.
Am Owoade…….

12799350_10207669270842706_4580480068283341765_n( Image credit to my friend Claire, who said the girl reminds her of me, am flattered )


The Winning Attitude

  • Recognizing your mistakes and learning from them. Welcome to the school of life.
  • Knowing either ways, you are a winner.
  • Preparing yourself for the greater days ahead.
  • Knowing you own this.
  • Facing each day with renewed strength.
  • Knowing delay definitely, is not denial.
  • Knowing good things come to those who wait, and of course work towards it.
  • Is stepping out of your boundaries and taking on those risks, (anything can happen through this journey, i hope you are prepared).
  • Staying focused.
  • Being result oriented.
  • Staying positive
  • Keeping that smile, no matter what.

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Why Should I Bank Online?

I was in the bank today and sat next to a lady who knew almost nothing about her bank account.The bank had sent her various mails, written and electronic which never got to her because her address changed and she doesn’t do online banking, ( in these times? lol. So i thought to write a few simple tips on managing a savings account.
Make use of the online banking system, its much easier and gives you an overview of your account, you can also spot odd transaction statements etc, simply by clicking on your account statement . I recommend checking your statement in the first week of a new month. Pay cheques, credit cards payments on due dates. Some banks set up reminders, of course, you need to log in online.
Update your personal information if it has changed, especially your mailing address. May require a walk in to the bank, so as to verify your credentials before making changes.
If it’s not a salaried account, try to deposit money in the account at least once a month, your bank needs to know money is moving around. Read your monthly account statements sent to you well, your car hire service may have charged you for a speeding ticket you got two months back.
Do this check up every month.
Hope this helps.

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The Strong Woman

Most likely the first thought that will cross your mind, when you see this topic is “there goes another feminist heading”. Lol, well after changing the headlines three times, i decided to leave it as the strong woman so it says what my ramblings are about straight away.

No doubt, we are known as the weaker sex, as a matter of fact i don’t contest that statement.

Yes we are quick to give away emotions, we get things done by crying, throwing tantrums and a times even standing standing our grounds on issues others perceive as senseless.

Whichever way you choose to express the word ‘WOMAN’. One thing cannot be tossed away, we are very important to the very essence of life.

So in my own words, i will go ahead to described the strong woman as:

A woman who knows what she wants. She whines a times, (i know i do). She cries, she has made mistakes and has learnt from her mistakes.

A strong woman is one who,life has thrown her, its jabs.

She has faced situations bold faced.

She takes every situation, as a lesson learnt.

She is focused on the future, she has envisaged for herself.

She is the woman, men pray for, to have as wives.

She is the woman the bible described in Proverbs 31

She is the foundation maker of every individual on earth

She is the STRONG WOMAN!!

Salute to these women.

May we be known as one.

May we befriend them.

May we raise them

To the Strong Woman!!!