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Memoirs of a Woman Going Without

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Money and success will bring you friends.

Tough situations will show you who the real friends are.

Teach us to choose our friends wisely Lord..


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It happens to us all.

Life makes the foolish seem wise, life turns the wise to fools.

Life makes a sad story beautiful, makes the beautiful ugly.

We plan, strategise, struggle and hope for things, and then life makes you wonder, was it worth all the troubles.

At every point in time, life has happened to us all.

So don’t beat yourself too hard, it’s life.

Life happens!!


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This Day

This day, i decided to put all worries and fear aside.

This day, i took that proverbial leap of faith.

This day, i stand up for change, to make this world a better place to live in.

This day, i become that little drop of water that makes up the ocean.

This day, i joined the army for change.

This day, i stand for the cause of humanity.

This day, i published my first post.