Owoade Writes

Memoirs of a Woman Going Without



Thanks for passing by. They call me Owoade. Am a citizen of the world, i arrived on a spacecraft. We landed somewhere along the Atlantic ocean in a location we would later know as Nigeria. It looked like a nice place to live, so i settled there, today my heart beats to an African drum. Have travelled around a lot.In 2011, i heard of a city built on sands, so i rose to seek it out. The dunes welcomed me, i discovered another beauty in the sands, so i decided to make a home for myself there.

Okay really am a HR professional, turned serial entrepreneur.  I founded a corporate events company in 2014 and it’s been an exciting journey since then.I choose this platform to write about my life experience and offer advice to anyone who may be needing one.

General opinion is that am outspoken, ambitious and reserved on certain levels. But i know am that friend you call when you need to seek advice, and make tough decisions, ( cry with as well..lol). I believe the way you dress is how you are addressed.

This page is dedicated to my ramblings, my latest endeavors, my thoughts, my views on various topics of life.

So seat back and let’s talk about life and the various forms it comes with.

The goal at the end of the day is to impact the world positively.

I can!! You can!! Together we can!!

Every input counts.

Welcome to my world


Owoade O. Yussuff


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