Owoade Writes

Memoirs of a Woman Going Without

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  • Get a career.
  • Build a business if it’s your path.
  • Laugh and (cry if occasion calls for it).
  • Wear good clothes.
  • Accessorize well.
  • Keep healthy relationships.
  • Eat clean.
  • Stay fit.
    ……Owoade’s Grail


The Winning Attitude

  • Recognizing your mistakes and learning from them. Welcome to the school of life.
  • Knowing either ways, you are a winner.
  • Preparing yourself for the greater days ahead.
  • Knowing you own this.
  • Facing each day with renewed strength.
  • Knowing delay definitely, is not denial.
  • Knowing good things come to those who wait, and of course work towards it.
  • Is stepping out of your boundaries and taking on those risks, (anything can happen through this journey, i hope you are prepared).
  • Staying focused.
  • Being result oriented.
  • Staying positive
  • Keeping that smile, no matter what.