Owoade Writes

Memoirs of a Woman Going Without

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I can’t remember a time, i wasn’t yearning after something.

Oftentimes, as soon as my list is ticked off as achieved, It takes approximately two weeks for me to revel in that sense of victory and then bam!!

Another want appears! The rat race begins again.

Maybe for you, sense of fulfillment means, speaking five different languages, getting that corner office? Landing that dream job, going on luxury holidays, or jumping off an helicopter from 3500 feet.

Whatever it is, undoubtedly, humans will always be insatiable with life.

We will always live for more.

Have decided to do my best possible by prioritizing and choosing my “wants” battles carefully.

No harm living this life to the fullest in my own unique “Owoade” way.

Make your life count.